Make Safety A Habit

We live in a dangerous world.  Some of these dangers are quite obvious to us (semi-trucks flying by us on the highway).  But there are other dangers surrounding us that we may not even think to protect ourselves from until it is too late.  For example, we wouldn’t typically think walking into a restaurant with our family for dinner is “dangerous”.  But if it is a busy restaurant, suddenly it becomes quite dangerous for our family if basic safety principles are not followed.  Imagine a situation where the seating area expands to the nearby kitchen.  Or imagine where the route to the restroom takes dining customers right by the kitchen.  In such a situation, it is possible, even very common, for waiters and waitresses to quickly walk to and from the kitchen carrying hot plates.  It isn’t difficult to foresee that a waiter or waitress could collide with a family enjoying dinner nearby or an elderly woman just trying to walk to the restroom.  If that waiter or waitress is carrying hot food or hot coffee, the situation can quickly become quite serious.

Situations like the above can be avoided if simple safety principles are followed.  Perhaps the restaurant can just remove one table from the dining area so that no one is sitting so close to the kitchen.  Perhaps the waiters and waitresses can be instructed to walk away from the restroom while carrying plates and hot drinks to avoid coming into contact with customers walking that route.  There are millions and millions of dangerous situations that can be avoided in today’s society if we all give safety the attention it deserves.  Some more examples: drivers shouldn’t text while they driver, truck drivers shouldn’t operate their truck without proper sleep, there should always be a lifeguard on duty while a pool is open, stores should frequently inspect their floors to make sure there are no dangerous spills, construction workers should be provided fall protection and helmets, and factory workers should be provided with safe, effective respiratory protection or masks.

This website is designed to promote safety awareness.  The more we, as the public, think about what we can do to make our environment safe for our family, the better off we all will be.  After all, safety does prevent injuries.  And if you know safety, there will be no injuries!

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About Injury Attorney K. Lindsay Rakers

K. Lindsay Rakers is an injury attorney in St. Louis, Missouri. She devotes 100% of her practice to helping the injuried, their families, and loved ones. Lindsay grew up in Springfield, Illinois and attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for her undergraduate work. She then attended Saint Louis University School of Law. Lindsay typically represents those injured as a result of: car crashes, tractor trailer crashes, semi truck accidents, falls on property, dangerous drugs, defective masks and respirators, silicosis, and defective consumer products.